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Featured Recipe: Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

With the holiday weekend upon us we wanted to highlight one of our most popular recipes, Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza. Our recipe features Mrs. Miller’s Southern Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce and we recommend you pair it with a hefty amount of your own creativity.

The recent rise in popularity of backyard pizza ovens has brought renewed attention to pizza’s as part of your outdoor living festivities. Be sure to stop by your favorite pizza shop and pick some dough, many local pizza shops offer their homemade dough for sale.

Of course you have a supply on our Southern Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce on hand right? If not visit our Retail Store Finder  to find a store near you. Next step is to fire up the grill, chicken is our suggested protein, but no reason to not get creative in that department.

Our complete recipe can be found below. We look forward to what you create, be sure to tag us on social media and let us know how it turns out, pictures are welcome!

Mrs. Miller's BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza Perfection! Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza Perfection! Have you ever made grilled pizza? It’s easier than you think and gives you that delicious wood-fired pizza taste. We highly suggest our Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza, using our sauce, of course.

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