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Mrs. Miller’s Homemade Noodles

Our Products

Mrs. Miller’s has been making noodles the old fashioned way since we started in 1973. We’re committed to bringing you quality products and friendly service. Check out all our product categories below and taste for yourself the Mrs. Miller’s difference.

Old Fashion Noodles

Old Fashioned Noodles

Made with extra fancy durum wheat flour and farm fresh eggs, this variety of all natural egg noodles provides a hearty homemade taste.

Flavored Noodles

Both delicious and healthy, our Vegetable Noodles are made with extra fancy durum wheat flour, all natural vegetable powders, and egg whites. Cholesterol free.

Whole Grain Noodles

Whole grains provide more fiber, and these all natural, whole grain homemade pastas are made with egg whites only so they are cholesterol free.

Egg White Noodles

Made with extra fancy durum wheat flour, but by using only the whites of farm fresh eggs, the cholesterol has been eliminated from these all natural noodles.

Organic Noodles

Organic Noodles

Experience the goodness of Mrs. Miller’s all natural noodles made with the finest certified Organic ingredients.

Bulk Old Fashioned Noodles

Always have Mrs. Miller’s all natural noodles on hand with our convenient bulk sized bags.

Soup Base

Soup Base

Our soup base is of the highest quality. On top of the rich flavor; all of our soup bases are gluten free, and contain no added MSG. They are the perfect partner to our homemade noodles.

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce

All of Mrs. Miller’s homemade pasta sauces contain the freshest ingredients, from vegetables to spices. Mrs. Miller knows you will find her old fashioned pasta sauces to be the perfect addition to any casserole or pasta dish.

Homemade Favorites

Some of Mrs. Miller’s absolute favorites, these homemade goodies can turn a meal or snack into a wonderful experience.

Gift Boxes

Mrs. Miller’s Gift Boxes are perfect for any occasion! Buy one for your home or give one to a friend. Perfect for trying new sizes or flavors.