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Shipping Info


Orders placed before 1 pm will generally ship within 1-2 business days. For guaranteed delivery date options (expedited shipping) or questions about delivery please call 800-227-4487.
Flat Rate

Here at Mrs. Miller’s Noodles we strive to make things simple, efficient and price effective for our customers. To accomplish this we use a flat rate shipping method to calculate shipping charges.
Direct Shipping Costs

To help keep shipping as simple as possible; It was decided that the costs we incur for shipping should be passed on directly to the customer. If we do this we can keep the prices of our products at a lower price. So we do not increase the product prices to cover shipping costs. Also please note that we do not charge you for “handling”. There is cost involved in getting products ready to ship (handling) however this is not included in the shipping charges that is passed on to customers.

Rates Apply to Contiguous US

The shipping rates listed below apply to orders going to customers in the contiguous United States. Additional shipping costs will be figured separately for orders going to Alaska, Hawaii, and all off-shore United States territories and possessions. Customers will be called once additional costs are calculated to confirm order before shipping. We do not ship internationally.

Delivery Charges

Flat rate order fee: $6.00
Additional Cases: $3.00 (per case)

Example: 1 Case order shipping costs = $9.00 ($6.00 + $3.00)
Example: 4 Case order shipping costs = $18.00 ($6.00 + $12.00)